Video: Tom Dorsey on Rod Making and Fly Fishing

One Fly & The Noble Grass from Thomas & Thomas on Vimeo.

Thomas & Thomas has released a new video with angling legend, Tom Dorsey. In “One Fly & The Noble Grass,” Dorsey discusses fly fishing with beautiful scenes of rod building.

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One thought

  1. Wow, nice statement Tom Dorsey!
    30 some years ago, I was in the Berkshires while restoring a lake cabin. I soon realized that I was only a short distance from Thomas and Thomas. I actually heard about T&T’s beautiful rods from a fellow wood worker. So I decided to take a day off and stop by the shop. As I wandered in I was greeted by none other than Tom Dorsey. After mentioning how much I admired T&T rods Tom handed my a beautiful cane rod. That was the first cane rod I ever held in my hands and I was so impressed.
    I really appreciated his taking the time to talk and I don’t think I ever picked up another spinning rod since. Thanks Tom!

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