Video: Fly Fishing for Gnarly Freshwater Fish in “PURSUING ESOX”

PURSUING ESOX from Austin Green Photography on Vimeo.

A nice new video with esox species as the focus.

From Austin Green Photography:

“Austin Green Photography, Southern Culture On The Fly, and Crooked Creek Holler present, Pursuing Esox: Pike, Musky, and Pickerel On The Fly. The Uncommon Angler team links up with Jon Zukowski, Pat Cohen, Scott Stryker, Brian Cadoret, Josh Laferty, Danny Reed, Brent Perkey, Ken Trail, Charlie Gordon, Ty Loomis, Kevin Ramirez, James Mugele, Mike Terrien, Jim Dietz, Peter Nardini, Jesse Haller, Mark Erdosy, and Adam Hope to deliver pure Esox action. ‘Pursuing Esox, its a contagious addiction that spreads to anyone in contact with the afflicted, you’ve been warned.'”

To check out more from Austin Green Photography, please click here.

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