Traveling Angler Profile: Fly Fishing the World with Clare Carter

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Clare Carter has been traveling to some of the most far out and exotic fly fishing destinations in the world. She now takes on the extraordinary saltwater flats of Oman with her company, Arabian Fly Sport Fishing. Clare recently took on an interview for The Venturing Angler:

Where in the world have you fly fished?

The UK – Test and Dee
Scotland – River Naiver, The Ness and various lochs.
Alaska – Bristol Bay Lodge
Florida – The Keys
Seychelles – Alphonse, Astove and Cosmoledo
Australia – Ningaloo Reef
Madagascar – Nosey Be
UAE – Abu Dhabi
Russia – Ponoi River and Middle Varzuga
Mexico – Chetumal Bay, Xcalalk, San Jose Del Cabo

What is your favourite destination and why?

I would have to say Oman — it’s remote, there are so many species to target, the country is beautiful and safe and has so many areas to explore. It’s not been widely fly fished so I feel like I am discovering new fishing areas and techniques every time I am on the water.

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What is the most memorable travel experience you have and why?

That’s a tough one as our honeymoon was very memorable! I would have to say our first exploratory trip in Oman. We covered over 7000kms and camped all up and down the coast for 6 weeks. I’m not going to lie, some days were really tough but others were so insanely good it made up for it. It was where my life changed for ever, as Brandon asked me to marry him, our business Arabian Fly Sport Fishing was born and it’s where we now call home.

What has been the best trip so far and why? 

I think our honeymoon in Mexico. I usually like to ago with no expectations of what I want or will catch and just enjoy being out on the water fishing. This time Brandon and I had been psyching each other out for months about what we wanted to catch. I had my heart set on catching a Striped Marlin, a Rooster and an Atlantic permit. It was a totally unrealistic goal and I was fully aware that all three species are super tough to catch. The fishing gods must have been shining though as I ended the trip with 2 permit, 3 Roosters and a Stripey, it was insane!

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Do you have any travel coming up? 

After Mexico I’m pretty broke so unfortunately not but our second season in Oman is fast approaching so we are busy preparing for that.

Is there a specie that you are dying to catch? What is it about that fish?

My nemesis fish … a sailfish. They hate me! Every time I go for them something happens, either they don’t appear or I hook him and he spits the hook, etc., etc. I can’t complain though as I did catch a Black Marlin in Australia fishing with Jono Shales when we were after sailfish … and I lost a big sailfish that week too!

When you are not on the water, what do you want the most out of a trip and why?

I fish because it’s what I love so I don’t go with any expectations. Just the privilege of being on the water in a remote location with sometimes nothing but my own thoughts is enough for me … it’s my happy place.

What is your dream trip and why?

Tough one — so many places I would love to travel. I think it would be to hire the boat Pangea and fish every top saltwater destination as I went. This was I would be able to fish and also to help with the research that they do onboard.

If one song where to play in a video short of your most recent fly fishing trip, what would it be?

Ha — No idea … maybe Don’t stop me now by Queen?

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What is the one piece of gear you couldn’t bear to leave at home?

Brandon! He’s my top guide and my lucky mascot!

As well as my lucky Pink Abel reel, I have caught everything on her.

As you have traveled, what environmental issues have most concerned you?

Plastic and rubbish in general, no matter where I have been, how remote, untouched and beautiful there is always plastic and litter washed up on shore.

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