Brodin to Introduce Pisces Carbon Fiber Net

Brodin Pisces net

Brodin has announced a new net to be released this fall that Brodin is touting as their “best net yet.” The Pisces Carbon Fiber Net will be released in November, but angler who order the net by August 15th will get a substantial discount on the price. The net is 32.5-inches overall with a 14-inch handle and a hoop that is 12 by 18.5-inches.

Noteworthy for Brodin is the material. According to Brodin, “The Pisces is 100% carbon fiber with a foam filled interior for flotation. We tapered the hoop so that it is thinner at the top of the hoop than at the handle. Removing this small amount of weight gives the net better balance and a lighter feel.”

To check out the new Pisces Carbon Fiber Net, please click here.


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