LOOP Introduces New Evotec Cast Series of Fly Rods

LOOP Evotec rod in action (ph: Hooke)

LOOP Evotec rod in action (ph: Hooke)

LOOP has introduced a new family of rods – the Evotec Cast Series.

From LOOP:

The Evotec Cast Series is a series of 30 single hand and double-hand fly rods that range from #2 to #10. The rods come in three different tempos to cater to individuals specific needs with medium, medium-fast, and fast action rods. This series is designed to maximize the benefits of full to mid curve action that is favored in today’s world of fly-fishing. With a total of 17 single hand rods, 5 switch rods, and 8 double-hand rods. The series is designed to cover all styles of water and fishing. From tight trout streams to raging salmon rivers, big sink tips to long belly lines, the Evotec Cast series is a high performance rod designed for every style of water and its chosen discipline of fly fishing.



The CAST series utilizes our very latest DCT (Dynamic Core Technology). This unique technology is achieved during blank construction by building directional carbon fiber in a specific interlayering sequence. Each carbon layer is designed to work in unison with the rod’s flex plane by adding integral strength throughout the length of the blank. This has the direct effect of enhancing tip recovery during the casting cycle and also increasing rod durability.

•       Blank in aesthetic pearlised finish.

•       High-grade cork handle with Cork mix reinforcements

•       Triangular aluminum reel seat in bright-anodized finish

•       Ceramic stripping guides and chrome snake guides with double coating

•       Rod model inscription and dot mark on ferrules for correct fit on rod sections

•       Delivered in matching pentagonal tube and cloth bag

•       Designed and developed in Sweden

For more information on the Evotech Cast Series please visit looptackle.com

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