WADE Fly Reels Unveiled

Wade Albula fly reel

WADE Fly Reels is unveiling new reels art ICAST/IFTD this year.

From WADE:

These reels are not only beautiful workhorses ready to take on the meanest game fish, they are a reflection of who we are, our approach to the fish we catch and the lifetime spent on the water.

At Wade Fly Reels we believe in the simple things in life and that philosophy reflects in the design principles behind our fly reels. We set out to produce functional, reliable, hard-working and elegant fly reels. In essence a fly reel which is as much about function as it is about form.

Developed by guides for guides

Initially WADE partnered with FlyCastaway to develop a unique set of saltwater reels designed specifically for the harsh tropical fisheries of the Indian Ocean. FlyCastaway has been operating in the Seychelles since 2003 and is one of the leading guiding outfitters on the planet, their guide has an in-depth understand of exactly what is needed in a fly reels made for the Indian Ocean.

Our first series of reels were designed for the harsh saltwater environment of the Indian Ocean Atolls. These fisheries are not only some of the most remote areas frequented by fly anglers, they also include some of the harshest environments on the planet, testing angler and gear to the maximum. The closest fresh water to most of these atolls is thousands of miles away, so you’d better have a well-anodized reel or the salt crystals will literally eat it up. For a reel to perform here it needs to meet the highest standards and perform on all levels. Guides demand a flawlessly functional reel. They need silky smooth drag systems that can very quickly increase to the maximum to stop a farm animal size fish in their tracks. They need to be big enough to store your fly line and enough backing to never worry about running out. They need to be light enough to ensure you do not get tired or throw your casting stroke off balance. Most importantly they need be durable and reliable so that they can be dragged through the sand, submerged for extended periods of time or bounced around on the deck of a boat and still perform flawlessly. We feel that we have achieved all of this in our new range of reels.

These reels have been in development since 2012 and after extensive testing and R & D we are now proud to present what we feel to be some of the finest fly reels made. There simply aren’t any better reels for the Indian Ocean. Best of all they are extremely durable and made to last a lifetime.

In the end we believe it is the small things that will set our reel apart from other products on the market. Unique features like a tapered handle, Type 3 anodizing and a leader retention slot are just some of the  features which make WADE reels the choice of the most experienced guides in the Indian Ocean


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