Video: Atlantic Steelhead on the Rio Santa Cruz in Argentina

Atlantic Steelhead – St. Cruz River from Solid Adventures on Vimeo.

Solid Adventures continues to roll out outstanding fly fishing film shorts. In a new video, Atlantic steelhead on the RIO Santa Cruz in Argentina get the focus.

From Solid Adventures:

“The Santa Cruz river, located in the middle of the immeasurable plains of Patagonia offers some of the last untapped steelhead fishing on the planet!
Steelhead have often been credited as being one of -if not the- hardest fighting migratory fish and the specimens in Santa Cruz are no exception. Fish here can reach well over 20 lbs and will put on a great areal show really putting your gear to the test. Chasing these fish is a profound experience and the magnificence of the river and landscape is truly spectacular.”

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One thought

  1. That is some BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG water and some BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG steelhead … damn but I wish I were 20 years younger … damn … a month-long trip to Patagonia and to Tierra del Fuego would be #1 on my Bucket List … damn … sigh …

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