Video: Fly Fishing Wyoming in “Back Roads & Killer Bows” from Vedavoo

Back Roads & Killer Bows from VEDAVOO | BETTER AMERICAN GEAR on Vimeo.

Some nice Wyoming fly fishing ventures from Scott Hunter and Vedavoo.

From Vedavoo:

“On one of my trips back to waters outside of my home town in Wyoming, I stopped into the Reef Fly Shop to pick up a few flies for a solo mission. I snapped the lid on my fly puck, and as I walked toward the counter Jay Johnson walked through the door. Jay, Addison Berry, and Berin Wachsmann were on their way back through from a Pig Farm Iron Fly event up in Jackson, and were planning to fish the Platte that day. It’s truly amazing in this industry to see how tight-knit the community really is. We’re all fisherman after all – and that morning, the man upstairs brought us together for one of the greatest days of fishing I’ll ever have.”

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