Help Protect the Au Sable River by Overturning the Grayling Fish Farm Permit


From Anglers of the Au Sable:

Grayling, Mich. (27 April 2016) – Anglers of the Au Sable River launched a crowd-funding campaign to collect donations for its legal effort to overturn the Grayling Fish Farm permit. The Au Sable River is one of the most popular and productive wild trout streams in the Midwest, enjoyed by thousands of anglers every year. Known for its world-class hatches and rising trout, it is also a beacon for outdoor enthusiasts, property owners, and vacationers…and now the river is threatened.

“Pure Michigan depends on pure water and the recreation, tourism and quality of life Michigan’s waterways provide,” said Senator Rick Jones. “We must do everything possible to protect the Au Sable River, one of our state’s most prized wild trout streams.”

A permit for a Fish Farm in the headwaters of the Au Sable would result in the farm dumping hundreds of thousands of pounds of suspended solids (uneaten food and fish feces) and 3,500 pounds of phosphorous into the Au Sable River every year. The thriving river economy that depends on the Au Sable being clean, clear, and trout-friendly is at risk from a single party that will use the river as a sewage system.

Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) admits the water quality on the Au Sable will suffer and stated that the decrease in water quality is necessary to support “important social and economic development in the area.” State Sen. Rick Jones asserts, “Concentrated fish poo is just not Pure Michigan.”

The Anglers of the Au Sable are a 600-member strong, 501(c)(3) environmental conservation organization founded in Grayling, Michigan, on January 18, 1987. There is no paid staff. Our client is the Au Sable River and its natural and recreational environs. The Anglers of the Au Sable is much more than a fishing club. Our activities are driven by issues affecting the greater Au Sable ecosystem. To that end, we have and will continue to intervene in protecting the Au Sable.

The Anglers of the Au Sable needs your help and has launched a campaign – River Lover – to raise money for the legal suit to overturn the insufficient fish farm permit granted by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. The non-profit has partnered with Winston Rods, Lamson-Waterworks Reels, and Gates Fly Shop to offer fly fishing gear and guided fly fishing trips to people who donate money to the campaign. You can help. Anglers of the Au Sable is heading to court, armed with the best experts and legal team possible. There is only one goal: keep the Au Sable world class. Your support and involvement to overturn the Grayling Fish Farm permit can help protect this beloved watershed. Please visit

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