Video: Fly Fishing for Steelhead in “Northwest Chrome”

Korkers Northwest Chrome from Korkers on Vimeo.

An excellent new steelheading video from Todd Moen and Korkers. “Northwest Chrome” has some outstanding steelheading footage, including drone shots.

To check out more from Korkers, please click here.

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  1. Nice … and don’t ever try Korkers with the BOA lacing system … ‘cuz you won’t EVER go back to your other wading boots … to be able to carry and change-out multiple sole types is awesome … I wear the “sticky rubber” until I’ve reached the water’s edge, at which time I put on either the felt, studded felt or if the conditions are a bit sketchy, I’ll put on the Alumatrax, the most secure and stable soles I’ve ever waded with … thanks Korkers for making my hiking and wading in the same boots a great experience!

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