Off the Grid Studios 2016 Films Hit the Market as New Compilation DVD and Digital Downloads


From Off the Grid Studios:

BEND, OR, April 20, 2016 – Off the Grid Studios, in collaboration with Beattie Outdoor Productions and Cpt Jack Films, announces the release of three films now available for direct download or DVD purchase. Featured in the 2016 Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T), the line-up includes Turning Points North, Jungle Angler and Chanos Chanos.


Set in the remote lake country of northern Saskatchewan, Turning Points North follows renowned angler Jeff Currier as he targets monster northern pike measuring more than 40- inches in length. In the opposite hemisphere, in the heart of the Bolivian Amazon, the founders of Untamed Angling collaborate with the Tsimane tribe and learn about the ways of the mythical golden dorado in Jungle Angler. Angler and filmmaker Jako Lucas dives even deeper into the fishery of his Seychelles hunting grounds in Chanos Chanos, revealing what it takes to land the highly-elusive, turbo-charged, algae-eating 40-pound milkfish.


“We covered a lot of ground this year—from the Saskatchewan backwoods to the Amazon—in order to bring angling audiences engaging, high-quality content,” says filmmaker and founder of Off the Grid Studios, RA Beattie. “We’re thrilled to make our adventures readily available to fans and look forward to unveiling more compelling fishing-action in 2017.”


For those suffering from indecision, all three films have been combined on one DVD, titled Evolution.

All films are available for DVD or direct download via the Fly Fishing Video Store:

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