Video: Fly Fishing the Flats of Punta Allen, Mexico

Relieving Expectations or: Only the Ultimate Prize is Catching the Fish from 4BC Productions on Vimeo.

Some great shots of fly fishing an extraordinary saltwater destination.

From 4BC Productions:

“In the competitive, passion and Adrenaline inducing sport of Saltwater Fly Fishing, many fishermen become obsessed about holding the biggest, perfect, most difficult to catch fish on front of the camera and snap their bragging rights for the pre-dinner margarita lubricated Fish-talk.

In ‘Relieving Expectations or Only the Ultimate Prize is catching the Fish’, I am doing exactly that: relieving expectations. We caught no fish that day in Mexico’s Ascension Bay.

Yet, spending time with three incredibly jovial and well natured gentleman, one of them being the owner of one of the finest handcrafted Fly Rods company, Thomas & Thomas, no less, was a refreshing glimpse into the simple pleasures of experiencing the real prize of Fly Fishing: a serene day out in nature’s finest gifts of an environment, quietly chasing the smartest fish you have (n)ever seen, and enjoying the friendly, harmless banter humans can enjoy with each other when their basic desires for safety and awe for natural wonders are met.

Whereas fishermen like to pretend that they go fishing to catch the fish, I have the sneaking suspicion they do it mainly to get out of the intensity of life as we know it.

This day was made possible thanks to the expert guiding of Christian Cardenas, the witty, insanely competent fisherman Miguel (whose surname escapes me) and the amiable, Super Refreshingly Down-to-earth company of Neville Orsmond, as well as the pampering care of the apex of Fly Fishing Lodges: Grand Slam of Punta Allen.

A big thanks goes out to them all and I hope we can do more of these. and who knows, perhaps one day the Ultimate Prize will be won.”

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More on this fly fishing destination:

Ascension Bay, Mexico gets anglers fired up for several reasons. Among the reasons most frequently referenced are permit, bonefish, tarpon, and snook. Of course you can mix in several other critters, but at the least, dreams of grand slams and super slams often bring Ascension Bay’s fish-rich flats to mind.

What’s more, this region is rich with culture, history, and natural resources. Anglers chasing Ascension Bay fly fishing fantasies typically fly into Cancun then trek south several hours. In doing so, anglers pass through Tulum and local ancient Mayan ruins. While history enthusiasts, dooms-dayers, and tourists venture to the area to see the remarkable ruins, for anglers, this is a very worthwhile stop en route to the final destination.

Visitors to Ascension Bay also travel through the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. A UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage Site, the Sian Ka’an is the largest protected area in the Mexican Caribbean and is home to an abundance of bird and mammal species as well as endangered sea turtle species.

Finally, the flats of Ascension Bay deliver the species of fish that make for a trip-of-a-lifetime and the beauty that Caribbean-goers fantasize about. White sands and warm turquoise flats. Hermoso.

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