Review: Avex FreeFlow and 3Sixty Pour Bottles: Loaded

AVEX FREEFLOW water bottle

“Loaded” is not a word that has ever come to mind when thinking about water bottles. However, this was the first word to come to mind when checking out the AVEX FreeFlow water bottle. This bottle is in fact loaded with features that ought to please outdoors enthusiasts.

The AVEX FreeFlow is a water bottle that I was introduced to after (literally) splitting another (brand withheld) water bottle into two pieces. Seriously. With that in the back of my mind, I decided to take on the AVEX FreeFlow with high expectations and demands and to not hold back on any criticism that might arise. That said, the AVEX FreeFlow is both loaded and tough and will be well-liked by many anglers.

The FreeFlow is a 34-ounce water bottle that is BPA-free (a non-negotiable nowadays) that is also shatterproof. Hmm … “shatterproof” … I’ve heard that before. In college, a friend of mine used the same word to describe a (brand withheld) water bottle before slamming it to the ground of my dorm room. Seconds later, we were picking up plastic and soaking up water from the floor. “Shatterproof” is a tough claim to live up to; however, my attempts at reenacting this event with the FreeFlow left me impressed and less suspicious of the word “shatterproof.” In fact, I repeatedly threw the bottle about 10-feet in the air and was impressed to discover that the bottle not only stood strong, but it also didn’t leak from the top — a problem with many competing brands. Considering I often have water bottles alongside cameras, digital recorders, and computers when traveling, this is a critical feature.

Additional features on the FreeFlow are encountered on the lid. These bottles feature AVEX’s AUTOSEAL® button which automatically seals when not drinking to avoid leaks and spills. This feature is largely responsible for the lack of leaking when throwing the bottle in the air. Furthermore, the botton-opened spout is controlled by a lock that very much resembles a safety on a rifle — a feature that further cuts down on spills and leaks. Finally, the lid includes a loop for carrying or hanging the bottle that can be clicked down when not in use — another thoughtful idea from AVEX.

And lastly, on a gross note, the shape and large size of the mouth allow water to fully pour, thereby avoiding residue water and backwash. (Finally.)

The FreeFlow is dishwasher safe and easy to hand-wash (because of the large mouth) and retails for $16.99. To check out more on the AVEX FreeFlow, please click here.


In addition to the FreeFlow bottle, I also spent time with the 24-ounce 3Sixty Pour thermal bottle. This stainless steel bottle keeps beverages up to 16 hours hot or 30 hours cold — an impressive set of numbers that not only saves money on coffee in the long run, but also sounds ideal on cold, rainy, wet steelhead rivers when the fish of 1,000 casts can make one long for a warm cup of coffee.

The 3Sixty Pour is much like the FreeFlow when it comes to “performance.” The center console of my truck has just about had it with coffee spills from thermal bottles, and the AVEX 3Sixty Pour is a no-leak tough bottle that will be a welcomed replacement to bottles that have left a trail of coffee leaks to their demise. In addition performance, this bottle simply looks great — like a tough outdoor canister of sorts that seals liquids and keeps drinks warm or cold for many hours. Also, the no-slip bottom keeps the bottle from sliding on surfaces.

The 3Sixty Pour is also easy to hand-wash and retails for $29.99. To check out more on the 3Sixty Pour, please click here.

And to check out more from AVEX, please click here.


– Tim Harden


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