Film: Permit on the Fly in “t.Falcatus” from C1 Films

C1 Films Permit
C1 Films has just released a new full-length fly fishing film with a focus on permit. Excellent film!

From C1 Films:

“t.Falcatus started as an idea to try to get some good Permit on fly footage.  Dates were set with the hopes of good weather.  My typical plan is that we just need one fish, one fish will complete a film, more than one makes it better.  We started out the first few days seeing a lot of fish and getting a few close calls on day one with no bites.  We had tropical storm Erica bearing down on us and what I had thought would be a disaster proved to be a blessing in disguise.  We fished throughout the storm and called one day short due to weather.  The wind was brutal and the rain was coming down sideways, not helpful when trying to use electronic devices such as cameras…  The next day got us our first fish and a very special one at that.  We were able to capture the first ever tagged Permit on film.  More to come on that fish later.  Going into the next day we had a good plan.  We started the day out with a missed shot on a big fish that led to a long silent boat ride to the next spot.  Feelings changed quickly as we had a waking school of Permit that gave us a good shot and Nathaniel got it done.  The rest of the day was a whirlwind of fish and bites that led to us landing 7 Permit on fly in a single day and Nat catching 6 as a personal best.  

This film is a snapshot of that day.  I really wanted to make sure there was no personal opinion infused into the film and to keep it just about these incredible fish.  I feel extremely blessed to be able to spend time with the people in this film and to witness their levels of expertise and professionalism in person.  It makes my job a lot easier.  

This film is being released on a “Pay What you Want” premise.  I’ve been really excited to release a film in this manner and hope that people will understand what it allows me to do from a production standpoint.  I hope that people watching it understand there is no obligation to pay anything.  I am not begging for money.  If people watch the film and feel that its worth supporting and do, we are eternally grateful.  I try to put out films that make people want to fish, for anything. I hope t.Falcatus makes you want to jump up and hit the water.  If it does, then I have done my job.  If not, give me another try and wait for the next film.  Thanks to all that watch and support the film and keep your eyes peeled for the next one, WaterWolf.

Watch the Film Here:

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