Upslope Brewing’s Craft Lager: Good Beer, Good for Trout

Upslope craft lager


Many anglers love to purchase and drink beer. And many of those anglers seek to support the efforts of Trout Unlimited. Now you can do both.

Upslope Brewing Company of Boulder, Colorado offers a diverse selection of Colorado-brewed beers. The brewery itself is founded and operated by outdoorsmen who are dedicated to the “active lifestyle” and their affection for beer. In addition to these passions, Upslope is also devoted to crafting with conscience and what this translates to is care for the environment. Recaptured water starts the process that ends in a recyclable (and easily portable for the outdoors) can. What’s more, Upslope is donating 1% of sales revenue from their Craft Lager to Trout Unlimited. And what’s even cooler, these donations are targeted to the local TU chapters where the beer is sold. Anglers are actually benefiting their local watersheds when purchasing this beer.

Upslope Brewing’s Craft Lager is a refreshing, light but well-balanced beer with pleasant notes of toast. This beer is not heavy and therefore ought to please anglers and other outdoors enthusiasts kicking back after a day on the water, trail, or other natural setting. And the can is convenient for packs and coolers and can be easily crushed (then recycled) to free up space. Canned for purpose!

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