Review: The Fireside Flannel Shirt from Exterus

Exterus Fireside Flannel Shirt

The Fireside Flannel shirt from Exterus is a well-designed shirt that ought to be a go-to for many anglers and outdoorsmen.

This thick, fleece-lined shirt serves several outerwear roles. Worn as a shirt, the Fireside Flannel is great to wear. The fleece lining not only feels cushioned and comfortable, the fleece is also soft to the skin. And though called a shirt, the Fireside Flannel can easily be worn as a jacket. Thus, supposedly the reason for the name of the piece — As the day cools and you are hanging out by the warm fire, this could easily be a good (and even appropriate-looking) shirt.

Because of the fleece lining, this shirt wears big yet also feels comfortably snug. The outer layer is soft, but it also feels like it would be strong against logs, brush, or whatever the campfire brings.

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