Video: Fly Fishing for Arapaima in Pirarucú

Unreal. We don’t see action like this too often. From Untamed Angling, an extraordinary video of fly fishing for arapaima.

From Untamed Angling:

“Pirarucu is the biggest Arapaima reserve on the planet. It’s one of the first Natural Reserves of Amazon, protected by Brazilian Government, and an Arapaima sanctuary located in central Amazon – Brazil. The vast complex of lakes, channels and rivers holds the biggest Arapaima population in Amazon according biologists.

Completely forbidden for any kind of fishing it’s a super wild and packed with Arapaima of all sizes from 20-400 pounds!
The core of Mamiraua Reserve – the biggest Arapaima reserve on earth – where huge populations if arapaima feed and spawn it’s now a fly fishing only reserve in a unique project!”

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