Fly Fishing Gear Review: RIO InTouch Striper Line

RIO InTouch Striper line

RIO Products offers a vast range of line offerings, often only creating the problem of figuring out how to keep track of them. Why so many?! Well, as many saltwater anglers know, there is an equally vast number of situations and related needs that anglers find themselves in. For striped bass anglers, the RIO InTouch Striper line in ought to be a welcomed way to satisfy these needs.

On the Pacific side of the striper world, I often hear the universal rundown of challenges for striper fishing: big flies, heavy lines, and tough conditions in the face of all-day casting. Compared to pursuits for many other species, this is unique. Unlike sight-fishing in the Keys for example, striper anglers often cast blind in cold water for hours upon hours. It is in fact often a challenging pursuit in which frustration can mingle alongside passion.

Considering these challenges, the RIO InTouch Striper line will serve anglers well. With the weight loaded at the head, anglers will find increased ease with casting, especially with stiffer and faster rods. At close range, this design allows faster rods to load without much trickery. Just as important, this taper will allow anglers cast large flies with more ease as well.

InTouch Striper


When testing, I paired this line with a 990-4 Sage SALT. A fast rod with feel in the tip, the InTouch Striper line complemented this rod well. In fact, the line seems perfectly suited for faster rods and makes many of the mentioned challenges (ie all-day blind casting big flies for distance) far less burdensome.

For angling performance, the RIO InTouch Striper line features also features RIO’s “ultralow stretch” ConnectCore Technology, thereby allowing faster and easier hook-sets — a frequent challenge in the salt.

The RIO InTouch Striper line is available in line weights 8 – 10 at $89.95. In addition to the floating line, anglers can also purchase an intermediate and a 30-foot sinking head line.

To check out more about the RIO InTouch Striper line, please click here.

– Tim Harden

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