Trailer: Fly Fishing Australia in “Chasing Salty Dreams”

“Chasing Salty Dreams” (Trailer) – Official Selection Australian Leg, IF4™ 2016 from IF4™ on Vimeo.

A new trailer for the International Fly Fishing Film Tour has dropped featuring some great salty action from Jonathan Jones and The Endless Session.

From the IF4:

“Film Overview: Chasing Salty Dreams is hard, fast, and full of energy. The film follows three fly anglers on their maiden voyage as they set off from Sydney and trek north to conquer the east coast of Australia, with their sights set on tropical north Queensland. After a few unsuccessful stops, they finally roll into Hinchenbrook, 2400km from their origin. The film unveils some of Australia’s most exotic destinations and monster species. Chasing Salty Dreams is loaded with beautiful images, raw emotion and true passion. It’s about the adventure and the endless chase for that feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction. There’s nothing better than line burning action and heart stopping runs.

Filmmaker: The Endless Session”

To check out more from the International Fly Fishing Film Tour, please click here.

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