Review of the Allen Volant Fly Rod

Allen Volant fly rod

The Allen Volant Series of fly rods are a medium-fast action family of rods that can fulfill many fly fishing needs.

I have to admit, I am new to the Allen scene and didn’t know what to expect. And like many trying something new, I approached the new Allen Volant with suspicion. Additionally, I have to admit it took no time to buy in.

Testing the 9-foot 8-weight Volant, I was immediately pleased with the feel of the rod. Light in hand, balanced well, and having a nice-feeling grip, all already felt well prior to casting. And when it came time to casting, the Volant is a delight. This rod has a nice, smooth action. Stiff enough to pick up heavy lines and cast saltwater flies, poppers, streamers, and other big flies, the Volant maintains an action that allows plenty of feel. In fact, this rod was tested with an 8-weight bonefish presentation line that I’ve often found challenging to cast with fast rods. I have since paired this line with this rod for several casting practice sessions.

Allen Volant fly rod

The Volant will serve trout anglers well in addition to flats anglers and those casting to big freshwater fish. The Allen Volant comes in line weights 4-12 and in lengths from 8’6″ to 10″. The rods have a lifetime warranty and retail between $309 and $329.

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– Tim Harden

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