Video: Chasing Trout in “Without The Wind”

Without The Wind – Fly Smart Media from Fly Smart Media on Vimeo.

A nice new video from Fly Smart Media takes on trout on the fly.

From the filmmaker:

“Life finds a way of keeping most of us busier than we would like. Temperatures are now cold enough that my time on the water is fraction of what it should be, so I reviewed some old footage from July 2015 and banged out this edit. This short video is a taste of what happens when 3 Houska’s find time off from other commitments to celebrate a birthday and shoot the bull while fishing at night and partying during the day, or something like that. On this trip we all met up at a place where wind is expected, only to find a lack there of. Fast paced, point and shoot style (mostly using the trusty ol’ Gopro Hero 2) I hope you enjoy this ridiculous edit!”

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