Gear Review: Huk Performance Long Sleeve Shirt

Huk long sleeve fishing shirt

Let me start with this: I love long sleeve performance tees. At home and on the water, these are an absolute staple in my wardrobe. And over the last few years, they have become a core piece of “gear” on the water for several reasons: First, they provide excellent sun protection in a breathable shirt that lets you “run from the sun” while also breathing in the heat. Second, they dry quickly. You’re bound to get wet on the water, and these shirts allow for a quick-dry. Last, they are comfortable with no annoying collar, restrictive material, openings, buttons, or other potential distractions.

That said, I have high expectations when it comes to these shirts, and they aren’t all the same. And with this in mind, I was pleased to try out the Huk Performance Logo Raglan Long Sleeve shirt. The Huk Performance long sleeve shirt is everything I want in a shirt. The shirt features all of the critical elements named above: breathable sun protection that is quick-drying, comfortable, and designed in a way that keeps you focused on the water.

When it comes to these elements, Huk has it dialed in, and the design is the highlight. This aspect is most noticeable with the fit. Whether on the flats or wading a river, I tend to get these shirts wet, and when there is excess material in the body or the sleeves, that unnecessary material tends to hang or flop around until it dries. This can even stretch the shirt (especially around the collar). Huk’s attention to fit eliminates that excess. In addition, the spandex in the shirt allows enough stretch that you can move but not so much that the fit loses integrity when wet and getting stretched around. This is going to result in maximized comfort on the water.

Huk designs shirts with the needs of anglers in mind, and note that they even “use a durable Poly knit with moisture transport to keep you comfortable, with an added stain release to keep the blood or other stains at bay, and anti-microbial to keep you from smelling like your catch.” Smart.

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– Tim Harden

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