Trailer: Destination Fly Fishing in New Zealand, British Columbia, Montana and More in Season 7 of Catch Magazine

A new DVD from Catch Magazine is now available with footage from numerous destinations.

From Catch Magazine:

“Todd Moen, owner Catch Magazine, continues to raise the bar of fly fishing videography with his best yet production. In the new DVD, he captures exciting fishing adventures in New Zealand, Montana, British Columbia, the Pacific coast and many more places on film, and he tells these adventures in beautiful stories that resonate with visual and audio alacrity.

Fly fishing is the catalyst, but Todd has a unique ability to capture the entire essence of the journey of a day on the water. He gives us the sense that we are there with him, experiencing the gorgeous landscapes, the area-specific wildlife and the glory of the amazing places where wild fish live. With his dynamic camera angles, unique aerial footage and spot-on musical selections, these videos certainly keep us captivated and excited about the essence of fly fishing. They not only tell us stories, but they bring us along on Todd’s angling adventures through the different seasons around the globe.”

To check out the new DVD from Catch Magazine, please click here.

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