Book Review: Snook on a Fly by Norm Zeigler

Snook on a Fly Norm Zeigler

When a day on the water in Florida fell though last July, I scrambled for options with how to spend my open day between trips. I was urged to walk the beaches for snook, and having had a just had a great day for snook in the Everglades the day before, I wasn’t too excited about the prospect. All I wanted was more bow time for tarpon. And when I couldn’t make anything happen for tarpon, I decided to go with the beach snook instead. In short, it was one of the most exciting days I’d ever had on the water. Absolutely enormous snook came in with the high tide and would cruise around gobbling up baitfish. Sight-fishing for these beasts delivered thrills that exceeded any expectation I could have imagined. And now, people are routinely surprised when I tell them I am scheduling two days this coming July to walk the beaches for snook.

Snook reside alongside some heavy weights in the fishing world, including tarpon, bonefish, and permit. Often times the result is that they live in the shadows of these highly regarded salty critters. However, in their own right, snook are an extraordinary gamefish that can provide anglers thrilling sight-fishing everywhere from mangroves to beaches as well as size and fight.

Recognition of so many of these great aspects of snook grace the pages of Snook on a Fly by Norm Zeigler. Snook on a Fly features all of the traditional elements of a thorough book on a specie. Any angler seeking to take on snook on the fly will want information about gear, flies, and the behavior and living environments of snook, and Zeigler perfectly addresses all of these aspects. In addition, Snook on a Fly offers anglers critical information about strategies for taking on snook on the fly and how to fish everything from different structures to different seasons.

Snook on a Fly is over 100 glossy pages and includes illustrations and over 50 color photos. The color photos are critical when looking at food sources and flies — elements of the pursuit that attract anglers to the finest detail. Snook on a Fly is a must-read for anglers wanting to take on snook, and I expect that this book will greatly impact the way I take on these critters in 2016.

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– Tim Harden

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