Things to love about fly fishing …

Fly Fishing Gallatin Canyon

Just a “few” of the things to love about fly fishing …

1.  The tug

2.  The pursuit of the tug

3.  Driving to the pursuit

4.  Packing for the pursuit

5.  A nice cast

6.  The feel of the line when casting

7.  A jumping fish

8.  The sound of line coming off the reel

9.  Getting into your backing

10.  The exciting/nervous feeling of getting into your backing when a fish isn’t slowing

11.  Getting line back on the reel after number 10

12.  New gear

13.  Old gear

14.  Fishing new water

15.  Reconnaissance on new water

16.  Camping on the river or lake

17.  A hand smelly from fish slime

18.  Releasing a fish

19.  Catching a fish on a fly you tied

20.  The feeling of wet wading

21.  The tight feeling of water around your waders

22.  The beauty of a wild fish

23.  The solitude of winter angling

24.  Traveling to fly fish

25.  Dawn patrol

26.  Hiking to prime water

27.  Big hatches

28.  Rising fish

29.  Your favorite fly fishing hat

30.  The stoke of watching fly fishing videos

31.  Planning trips

32.  Looking at maps

33.  Adipose fins

34.  Great fly fishing photography

35.  Dam-free rivers

36.  The smell of salmon rotting after spawning

37.  Seeing wildlife on the water

38.  Seeing signs of bears on the water

39.  Blasting tunes on the way to fish

40.  Getting in a drift boat

41.  Tearing through the flats on a flats boat

42.  Carrying a big landing net and a lot of hope

43.  Locking the car and getting on the move after (finally) gearing up

44.  The look of a tight loop

45.  A perfect drift over prime water

46.  A grab on the swing

47.  Secret spots

48.  Casting to tailing fish in the salt

49.  Chasing birds in the bluewater

50.  The feeling of cork on the hand


3 thoughts

  1. Tying a fly just for the beauty of it.

    Summer mornings.

    Releasing that fish and watching it casually swimming away.

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