Teaser: Backcountry – South Island: Early Season

Backcountry – South Island : Early Season Teaser from Gin Clear Media on Vimeo.

Some more exciting angling action in New Zealand from Gin Clear Media.

From Gin Clear Media:

“Gin-Clear Media’s Backcountry – South Island is the sequel film to the highly acclaimed Backcountry – North Island, we once again explore the stunning fishing opportunities in the New Zealand backcountry. The South Island has vast tracts of some of the most intact, undisturbed natural areas left on our planet—these last truly wild places deliver beauty and isolation in spades but it is the allure of giant trout in crystal clear water that draws the anglers from around the globe to these treasured landscapes.

In this 10 minute excerpt from the full length film we follow kiwi fishing guides Mike Kirkpatrick & Jake Berry as they dodge volatile early season weather on a ‘guides day off’ trip into the backcountry – a snag-ridden, lowland river with beautiful large brown trout.”

To check out this film online, please click here.

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