Fly Rod Review: The Redington CHROMER for Spey and Switch Anglers

Redington Chromer fly rod

When Redington unveiled their new CHROMER family of rods this summer, the angling world took notice. For one, the CHROMER stood out aesthetically with uniquely designed grips that likely immediately grabbed every observer’s attention. Second, the CHROMER is intelligently designed with specific angling applications in mind and is offered at a reasonable price (especially for two-handed rods).

For the CHROMER, the unique look is the result of innovative design. The most noticeable physical features are the black polymer grips on each handle. For two-handed rod users, this is handy (pun) for line management but also for no-slip handling of the rod as it takes on the dramatic steps of Spey casting. Personally, I like a loose handling of my Spey rods, and the CHROMER’s polymer grip allows me to more easily track what the rod and my hands are doing while I focus on anchors, angles, and other elements of the technical style of casting.

Redington Chromer grip

Among other features, the CHROMER also comes in a matte black finish blank designed to reduce flash on the water, and also note-worthy is that the anodized aluminum reel seat is downlocking for enhanced balance.

Finally, and of ultimate importance, the CHROMER casts beautifully. Unofficially taking the place of the Prospector series of rods, the CHROMER has a faster action than the Prospector and will serve the casting needs of more anglers. For me, the Prospector did not handle line as well, and the CHROMER has more lifting power, allowing for improved line management, better mending, and for handling larger flies. For fly fishing the surf, this is especially important, as big flies, waves, and wind are frequent challenges.

Redington Chromer Spey

The CHROMER is offered in 11’6″ Switch models from 6 to 8 weight, and in Spey models including a 12’6″ 6 weight and 7 and 8 weight models at 12’6″ and 13’6″. The CHROMER is priced at $399.95 and includes a lifetime warranty.

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– Tim Harden

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