Video: Epic Atlantic Salmon Reserve Fly Fishing in “Rynda”

“Epic” is a fitting word when a fly fishing venture is in fact so extraordinary that it could easily draw the attention of anglers from all over the world and impress anyone who has “been there, done that.” Christiaan Pretorius recently returned from the Atlantic Salmon Preserve and has great footage from his trip.

From Pretorius:

“What an incredible experience it was, I was fortunate enough to call Rynda my home for four weeks to start of the season. It’s very rare nowadays to find fisheries that is still so untouched and in it’s raw form. The people at Rynda is so special in the sense that they care so much about these rivers and the fish and just the Tundra in general. A personal first salmon experience and I absolutely love it!”

To check out more from Christiaan Pretorius, please click here.

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