Fly Rod Review: The Hydrogen from Redington

Redington Hydrogen rod

In June, Redington announced their new Hydrogen rod family — rods with promises of lightness and a thoughtful design approach that targeted the needs of anglers on the water over all else. At the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show in Orlando in July, the rod stood out as an attractive-looking rod that provoked in me an interest in casting and fishing it as soon as possible.

With some time with the rod under my belt, I must say this is a fantastic rod that I plan to recommend to many anglers, especially those looking to take on a range of conditions on trout waters.

Let’s first look at the rod cosmetically. The Hydrogen is an attractive rod that features a matte grey finish and a half-wells “premium” cork handle. What might actually stand out the most is the reel seat, which is a “skeletonized, CNC machined, anodized aluminum reel seat to assist in weight reduction.” What this translates to is a minimal reel seat that does not fill the real seat space in the traditional fashion. While the purpose of the trimmed reel seat is to cut down on rod weight, the design also gives the rod a unique look that ought to appeal to many anglers.

Redington Hydrogen fly rod

When it comes to casting, the Hydrogen is a delight to cast. Redington proudly notes that the Hydrogen is the lightest rod in its class, and I found this has a substantial impact on the feel. The Hydrogen is a medium-fast action rod that Redington describes as a “smooth medium-fast action” – an added adjective that is appropriate. Even when accidentally paired with a line weight less than the rod, the Hydrogen had plenty of feel while maintaining light loops and high line speed in windy conditions. (And a side note: The pairing of the Hyrodgen with a Redington ZERO reel is a nice complementary match up.)

The Hydrogen comes in a range of weights and lengths. The lightest rod is a 7’6″ 2 weight and there are 10′ 3 and 4 weights and even an 11′ 3 weight for Euro-nymphers, and these rods also sound great for high sticking small creeks (the winding waters hugged by tall grass and brush on the Big Thompson River in Rocky Mountain National Park comes to mind). The Hydrogen retails for $299.95 and comes in a hard case with a lifetime warranty.

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-Tim Harden

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