Review: KarmaZen Sandals for Comfort and Fishing Style

KarmaZen flip flops

I’ll be honest, when invited at ICAST/IFTD in Orlando to check out the line-up of sandals from Marshall Madruga and KarmaZen, that visit wasn’t at the top of my itinerary. I was there to see rods and reels, waders and packs, and on-the-water goodies while catching up with buddies in between. However, upon checking out the line of KarmaZen sandals, I left attracted to the look and curious about the claims of comfort.

KarmaZen Sandals 2

KarmaZen sandals feature the artwork of Marshall Madruga, and I admit, each pair were so attactive, I spent an absurd amount of time trying to figure out which I liked best. Madruga’s images cover everything from dorado to striped bass, and for those looking outside fishing images, lifestyle and hunting art can also spice up your flip flops.

Of course, sweet pictures on sandals aren’t enough of a draw. After all, great looking sandals have to be able to cut it day in and day out. And as someone who is still recovering from a hip replacement (at age 34!), I have to say I couldn’t be happier with the comfort of these sandals.

There are two features that, in my opinion, make these the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever owned. First, each pair has a curve built in to the, that make walking less clumsy. The curve seems to be more forgiving of the natural motion of a stride. Next, KarmaZen sandals have a tire-like tread grip that not only look unique, but grip extraordinarily well, especially on wet and slippery surfaces. In fact, when enough time passed after surgery that I could wear flip flops again, I almost took a hard (and potentially severely damaging) fall when stepping on a wet floor in another brand. The grip has been far better since wearing KarmaZen sandals with the superior grip.

KarmaZen sandals

Lastly, KarmaZen ought to appeal to those with ecological concerns as they take advantage of “recycled and recyclable materials, such as cork, hemp, recycled rubber, organic cotton and environmentally-friendly water based adhesives.” And as such, they are the ultimate and complete sandals.

To check out more from KarmaZen, please click here.

And to check out the rewards-based Kickstarter campaign from KarmaZen, please click here.


– Tim Harden

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