Video: Fly Fishing for “Buckingham Trout” in England

Todd Moen and Catch Magazine went into the vaults for a great video with angling action in England.

From Catch Magazine:

“When I was invited by Tim Rajeff, of Rajeff Sports, to film on England’s River Esk and the historic chalk stream, River Avon, I could not resist. This is the birthplace of dry fly fishing, an area of rich traditions and history, from the sword to the modern fly rod. On this trip, I met up with Tim’s colleagues from Airflo, spey casters Richard Wothers and Gareth Jones. Fishing in the shadow of castles and in brilliant green pastures, these anglers stalk and catch grayling, rainbow and brown trout, all feasting on mayflies. This film highlights the history and sacred rules of England’s famous dry fly fishing heritage. Thanks to Airflo, Patagonia and Rajeff Sports for making this film happen. It was, for me, a religious experience and one I’ll never forget.”

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  1. The first part of this video was from God’s own country Wales and the river Usk one of if not the best wild brown trout river in the British Isles and no method restriction there is also the big river Wye which has both great trout and grayling fishing with half hour drive the river Towy famous throughout​ Europe for its Big Sea run brown trout.

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