Thomas & Thomas Unveils New Fly Rods

Thomas & Thomas Bluewater

Thomas & Thomas has revealed new additions to their rod line-up, including the Aeros, Spire, and DNA TroutSpey for freshwater, and the Bluewater rod for big saltwater fish.

The Spire is a fast action rod that will be available in line weights 3-8 and all come in four pieces. These rods will come in a range of lengths as well, notably 10 foot rods in line weights 4-8, giving a nice nod to nymphers and others who like longer rods.

For those who like a slower rod and might be looking for a nice dry fly rod, the Aeros will feature a “medium+” action that is “designed with technical dry fly presentations in mind – easily turning over long, fine leaders with accuracy and finesse.” The Aeros will come in 8′, 8’6″, and 9″ lengths and in rod weights 3-5.

Noting the movement among many anglers to use two-handed rods for trout, Thomas & Thomas will also offer the DNA TroutSpey – a “progressive” action two-handed rod for line weights 3-5 and in lengths 11’6″ and 11’9″. For anglers wanting to cover big water, throw big flies, or swing for trout, this standout rod will be attractive to many.

Finally, the Bluewater rod will be a 2-piece rod for line weights 13-16 and in a 8’6″ length. Ready to throw big flies and put the heat on big offshore saltwater fishes, this rod is designed for the demands of bluewater angling.

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