Video: Cutthroat Trout on Mouse Patterns

Skate or Die from Cortney Boice on Vimeo.

What?! Cortney Boice captured video of cutthroat trout going after mouse patterns. Awesome!

From Boice:

“Catching cutthroat on a mouse is the equivalent of catching a wild unicorn while it is jumping over a rainbow.”

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3 thoughts

  1. – mousing is fun.
    -the days of dubstep in fishing videos must end, now!!! Dubstep is for teenagers….
    – that cutty has been caught a few times!

  2. I do this all the time in Wyoming. I’ve caught Cutts on mouse flies that had the real thing (deermouse) still stuck in their throat. I don’t know that it’s as tough as catching a Wild Unicorn while jumping over a rainbow, but it’s pretty tough to do. I don’t know anyone else that does it consistently. It’s a skill for sure.

    1. Really fantastic video and a nifty accomplishment for sure….but, not quite a unicorn. Plenty of fellows on the west coast catch sea run cutties on wakers fairly regularly. There are considerably more difficult feats in the sport, including bonefish on a dry (AJ MacLean) and 20+ lb Atlantic salmon on a size 20 fly (Lee Wulff, among others).

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