Video: California’s “Low Flows & Wild Steelhead”

Low Flows & Wild Steelhead from Native Fish Society on Vimeo.

From the Native Fish Society, a new video looking at the state of steelhead in California, with specific focus on low-flowing rivers that are presently plaguing the state..

From the Native Fish Socety:

“River Steward Doug DeRoy walks us through his recent work to protect threatened wild steelhead during low flows on California’s Mendocino and Sonoma Coast. Working with local stakeholders, anglers, the National Marine Fisheries Service and California Department of Fish and Wildlife Doug helped improve the low-flow closure trigger on these coastal streams to provide protection for threatened wild steelhead during low flows, while still allowing for angling opportunity. Our hope is that by putting the needs of threatened steelhead first, and not angling for these fish when they’re at their most vulnerable, they will recover and exist in their homewaters for generations to come.”

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