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  1. I think both answers need rephrasing. The first one fails to mention the theory that man has affected global climate change negatively and can actually do something about it. The second answer should read: Do you believe politicians and scientists use global change for their own personal interests and there is little we can actually do about it?

    My opinion: Yes, climate changes are happening and climate cycles have always happened for millions of years and there is little if anything we can do to change or affect climate globally ourselves. On the other hand, clean air and clean water is something we can certainly strive for by not polluting our immediate environment and reversing mistakes made in the past. The truth is somewhere in the middle of the two extremes.

    i vote for clean air and water and responsible use of resources by being good stewards of our community. Let the Creator take care of the thousands of years cycles because we don’t have the power or wisdom to do so.

    1. There’s only one extreme position; to deny that climate change exists and is accelerating because of human activities!
      And I’m sorry, but the Creator can do nothing about it as long as too many humans refuse to accept what the scientific community (the real experts) has agreed upon for years now. People once believed that the world was flat as a pancake. Science and scientists changed that. It’s a globe, in case you forgot…!

  2. This is ridiculous – 1 of 4 flyfishermen(!) is a climate change denier?! Can only happen in the U.S….

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