Fly Fishing Film Review: Yow: Icelandic for Yes! from Tributaries Digital Cinema

Yow: Icelandic for Yes! Teaser from Tributaries Digital Cinema on Vimeo.

First there was The Endless Summer. Then there was The Trout Bum Diaries. There was Modern Collective, Lost Atlas, and other edgy, youthful, destination films, focused on the joy and passion of surfing. Now there is Yow! Icelandic for Yes!

Surfing and fly fishing share many characteristics. They are both pursuits that allow water to grow the soul and provide both an escape from the maddening world and a deeper connection to the life-giving earth. They form and transform the individual and allow the participant to transcend. In Yow! Icelandic for Yes!, this connection and disconnection are masterfully captured as anglers and surfers pursue such soul-feeding experiences on the water.

Let’s be real: Surfing films have always been a step ahead of fly fishing films. And with Yow! Icelandic for Yes!, the angling film genre takes a significant step forward to catch up to its surf genre brothers.

So, what to expect with the film? Plan for the passions of surfing and fly fishing to be revealed in an energy from the cast that the viewer can identify with. Plan for this energy to be highlighted by an obsession from cast members to find Atlantic salmon or an incoming swell. Expect breathtaking scenery along the way. And expect to want to go to Iceland after watching the film! All of this is enhanced by a fresh, fun soundtrack and masterful cinematography that is rarely matched in either film genre. As the filmmakers might put it, expect a “party.”

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-Tim Harden

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