Video: Fly Fishing for Salmon in Russia in “We are Junkies (Salmon)”

We are Junkies (Salmon) from Salmon Junkies on Vimeo.

The Salmon Junkies have a great record of excellent salmon and steelhead film shorts. In “We are Junkies (Salmon),” the crew heads to Russia to take on the Umba and Varzuga Rivers on the Kola Peninsula.

From the Salmon Junkies:

“At the moment we are hard at work editing our upcoming feature film “We Are Junkies! (Salmon). Maybe you like a glimpse of what is to come, so please have a look at the trailer.

In this film we try to portray what salmon fishing is all about from a Salmon Junky perspective. Follow us from early June when one of the world’s largest Atlantic salmon runs enters the Varzuga River under a dancing midnight sun until it ends almost four months later at the astonishing and unique Umba River. This is the time for fulfilling one of the dedicated salmon anglers wildest dreams – landing a really big mythical Osenka salmon. A must on the CV for every hard-core salmon angler.

The Kola Peninsula, in the North West corner of mighty Russia, is one of the last strongholds for Atlantic salmon fishing in the world not affected by salmon farming and over fishing. Few places have such a deep spellbinding effect on Salmon anglers from all over the world. Fishing this part of Russia, the angler gets the feeling that the clock has been turned back many hundreds of years to a time when the rivers were brimming with Salmon; to a time when there was no need for re-stocking or desperate measures to save the future.

Danish photographer Columbus Leth and Salmon Junkies decided to portrait the soul of a Salmon Junkie fishing along two of the most famous rivers on Kola, the Umba and the Varzuga, which contain one of the largest populations of Atlantic salmon on the earth today.”

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