Video: 70,000 DamNation Petition Signatures Delivered to the White House

Great news from Patagonia and the DamNation crew, as they were able to deliver 70,000 signatures to the White House that call on the government to take down deadbeat dams. Well done!

From Patagonia:

“Recently, a small team representing you – our supporters – and the entire Patagonia family delivered a petition containing more than 70,000 signatures to President Obama and his top environmental advisers. The petition brought together activist voices from all 50 states and 60 countries asking President Obama to crack down on deadbeat dams – starting by finding a path to remove four harmful dams on the nation’s most important salmon river, the lower Snake, and begin the biggest watershed restoration project in history.

We made a short film to thank you for your help in working to tear down deadbeat dams on the Snake River and around the world. This film celebrates the success of our campaign so far – including the moment we handed over your signature to President Obama’s team.

DamNation has brought dam removal as a tool for river restoration to broad, new audiences, won several major awards, attracted international media coverage, and moved citizens to act all over the world. Decision makers in DC are starting to pay attention, and now we’re turning our attention to encourage Washington State officials to back the plan to remove the problematic lower four Snake River dams.

This is a good moment to celebrate the ongoing work of thousands of activists to remove low value, high cost dams in communities around the country – and remind ourselves how much more work there is to do! Thank you for your continued support. Learn more at”


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