The Polish Highlands and Much More in the New Issue of This Is Fly

This Is Fly

Everytime a magazine drops a new issue of their ezine, we announce its arrival with several of the destinations named in the title of the post. This has always been the case with This Is Fly … until now.

In the new (and fantastic as always) issue of This Is Fly, the focus is less on destinations and more on a range of miscellaneous aspects of fly fishing and fly fishing culture. From tyers to artists and photographers, personalities and talents get quite the nod in the new issue, and there is also a strong emphasis on causes, from the Wild Steelhead Coalition to the Fly Fishing Collaborative. On the water, there are great stories (and photos) on the Polish Highlands and the spring thaw, and of course there’s steelheading with Sasquatch.

To check out the new issue of This Is Fly, please click here.

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