Book Review: Fly Fisher’s Playbook by Duane Redford

Fly Fisher's Playbook

With the majority of bug activity generally taking place below the surface of the water, nymphing is arguably the most effective way to catch trout. For many, nymphing is simply tying on the appropriate fly and adding a split shot and strike indicator. However, effective and productive nymphing requires a more sophisticated approach.

In Fly Fisher’s Playbook: A Systematic Approach to Nymphing Duane Redford tackles the practices and methodology of nymphing with an accessible presentation of everything an angler would want to know about the tactic. From how water depth and clarity effect rigging to what entemological considerations should be considered in your rig, Redford breaks down a reason for every decision an angler can make while nymphing. Add “game-plan strategies,” and a fly angler can evolve from a part-strategy but mostly luck-based approach to a truly systematic thoughtful approach to fly fishing for trout with nymphs that ought to be more fun and ultimately bring better results on the water.

Fly Fisher’s Playbook: A Systematic Approach to Nymphing teaches anglers an array of strategies and considerations to be made with nymphing, and the more one knows about nymphing, the better they will be. For any angler taking on this essential aspect of fly fishing for trout, Fly Fisher’s Playbook is a book that will payoff for many years down the road (and on the water).

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– Tim Harden

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