Video: Fly Fishing for Pacific Northwest Steelhead in “Winter Run” from Todd Moen

Todd Moen makes some of the best Pacific Northwest steelheading videos out there, and in a classic Todd Moen video for Catch Magazine, some excellent steelhead action is captured.

From Todd Moen:

“Fishing for winter steelhead is best described by Bill McMillan, fisherman and author of ‘Dry Line Steelhead’ describes winter as being the most difficult of seasons for searching of steelhead on the fly. The mere challenge of nature’s moody elements, the cold weather as snow and rain, and the limited daylight draws only those anglers who are seeking to experience something beyond the mere fishing itself, even beyond the hooking of the magnificent fish.  Winter steelhead evoke a sort of reverence because, in short, they are extremely hard to come by.  All the elements surrounding the steelhead become even more epic when placed in the severity of winter. Therefore, the preparation, the adventure from sunup to sundown and the struggle of the search for this evocative strain of steelhead in winter conditions is what I tried to capture in this T-Motion Theater ‘Winter Run’.

Thanks to Jakob Lund & Jeff Hickman, author Bill McMillan, Patagonia and Old Man Winter himself for making this adventure a possibility for us all.
Bill McMillan –…
Jakob Lund –
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  1. Hey guy, trying to find out if the todd moen steelhead series is shot in Oergon or Washington? And what rivers if you don’t mind.
    Kind regards,

  2. My guess is the upper Skagit River or some place (if not both) in BC. The weather (snow) is the give-away; rare that you’d see that any place in Oregon.

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