Video: Stillwater Sight Fishing for Trout in Oregon

Mountain Made Media has checked back in with a new fly fishing film short – this one featureing stillwater pursuits in Oregon.

From Mountain Made Media:

“This was one of those perfect days where the conditions are less than desirable, but the fish are hunting.
Follow us as we sight-fish for rainbow and brown trout in central Oregon.”

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2 thoughts

  1. Nice video, the shots of the underwater fish are really cool. We did a recent article on sight fishing at
    Rocky Ford Creek. A small spring creek in Washington known for its sight fishing.It is amazing how much education there is watching fish in their environment. Good Job, Clay

  2. Great video. It is definitely inspiring to watch. I have been recently float tubing some private stillwaters close to where I live in Oregon. I have recently had a tough time catching fish but I see them rising and can’t seem to figure them out. I usually fish a clear camo and type 3 sinking line and throw everything from leeches to emergers and streamer patterns. I change my retrieves, speeds and depths and even throw my floating line with droppers and dries. I fish a 3 acre impoundment that is usually glassy and has a good dropoff that goes to 20 feet. I see lots of small fish and minnows that bigger fish are probably feeding on. I know flyfishing is a big puzzle and I won’t stop until I figure it out. I think one of my problems is a leader,tippet situation. I don’t own a pair of polarized glasses and that may be a problem as well. I always approach the water as quiet as poissible. Can you lead me in the right direction? I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Donnie

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