Book Review: Fishing for Spotted Seatrout by Jan S. Maizler

Fishing for Spotted Seatrout

Perfectly filling a void in fishing books, Jan S. Maizler has delivered a new book, Fishing for Spotted Seatrout.

Though a potentially large, beautiful gamefish found along the Atlantic and Gulf Coast, contributions on the topic of fishing for spotted seatrout have been lacking over the years, and for fly anglers, there has been almost nothing. With Fishing for Spotted Seatrout, there is now a book on conventional and fly fishing for spotted seatrout that ought to please many anglers in search of information on seatrout fishing.

Fishing for Spotted Seatrout covers all critical aspects of fishing for seatrout, from characteristics and behavior to how to approach them and what flies (and tackle) to use. There is a break down of the coastal states that have spotted seatrout, and Maizler taps into local expertise for his sections on destinations. In every aspect, if you are interested in getting into seatrout, this is your book.

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