Video: Fly Fishing for Vermont in “The Meadows Project”

The Meadows Project: Winter trailer from The Meadows Project on Vimeo.

For many, winter is the best time to fly fishing, even if it is often the least productive time of the year. Snow covered banks often add beauty and deter anglers from crowding rivers. In a new trailer for the Meadows Project, anglers take on the waters of Vermont with a focus on protecting trout.

From the Meadows Project:

“The Meadows Project. Southern Vermont small water fly anglers invested in cold water conservation and the protection of Vermont native brook trout. This video is the trailer to our first episode: “winter”, which will be the first episode in a series that follows three fly fisherman in southern Vermont, trying to protect their native trout in its native waters and its last few safe havens. check us out at:

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