Book Review: Fly Fishing Belize by Jim Klug

Fly Fishing Belize Jim Klug

There’s a long list of fly fishing books that have been published over the years. Many of them are forgettable attempts of taking on a destination or type of fishing with inadequate information, poor writing, mediocre photography, and consequently, little staying power. Occasionally a book is offered that is so good that it immediately becomes a classic and establishes a new standard for fly fishing books. Fly Fishing Belize by Jim Klug is such a text.

Jim Klug has done it all. From a range of professional endeavors (in the fly fishing world and beyond) to fly fishing every corner of the world, Klug is impressively accomplished, and he has done it with quality. It is no wonder then that Klug’s self-published new book, Fly Fishing Belize, would offer no less than the excellence that is characteristic of all of Klug’s work.

Fly Fishing Belize masterfully outlines all aspects of fly fishing in Belize, from the geography and angling history of the country to detailed characteristics of the lodges, regions, and flies. And for every aspect of Belize that Klug takes on, extraordinary detail is offered, from the wading characteristics of an atoll to the dietary and behavioral habits of various fish species at different Belizean locations.

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For an angler wanting to take on Belize for the first time, the book introduces tides, habitats, gear, and species (a contribution of Dr. Aaron Adams). And for the expert, Klug offers a comprehensive examination of every place you might fish while also contributing the most generous and impressive look at fly fishing Belize through his outstanding photography.

Finally, Fly Fishing Belize is further enhanced with contributions by long-time visitors to Belize. Belize veterans such as Brian O’Keefe, Steve Abel, and Mike Michalak offer “angler’s journals” that tell of their personal experiences in the country.

Fly Fishing Belize has a place in every angler’s library and makes for a coffee table book that any person (angler and non-angler) would enjoy exploring.

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