Video: Sea Run Brown Trout in Denmark

The Rising Sea Trout | HD from Jonas Høholt on Vimeo.

A nice new video from Jonas Høholt features the pursuit of sea run browns in Denmark.

From the video maker:

“Thanks to the people mentioned above and especially thanks to the volunteers working with conserving the wild danish trouts in their natural waters.
See my photo story about the rising seatrout:

Although nearly all books about trout fishing tell us that sea trout aint eating in fresh water, that is far from the truth. Trouts dont read books, so they break our rules and sometimes amazing things happen: Some of those fish fix their sight to the surface to eat drifting mayflies, and those fish will rise for a fly fishermans dry fly.
In the summer of 2014 a group of friends set out to spend their time along a few danish streams only to chase sea trout. Believing a curse will fall over them, if they try to catch a trout on heathen lures like wooly buggers and black zulus, they’re only armed with dry flies like foam beetles and traditional may flies on thin tippets. This is the story of the young mens journey, running in to diffenrent obstacles on their way. Heatwave and no fish, strong winds making fly fishing nearly impossible and finally true love for trout.

Beside from Denmarks small size, the streams and small rivers have some of the largest populations of sea run brown trout (sea trout) in [Europe].”

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