Video: New England Striped Bass to Key West Tarpon and Beyond

Greasy Beaks 2014 1080p from Greasy Beaks on Vimeo.

From Eliot Jenkins and Greasy Beaks, a great new video with a range of fly fishing action from the Keys for tarpon to Massachusetts for stripers. Great underwater footage too.

From Greasy Beaks:

“A compilation of fly fishing footage shot in 2014 from New England Striped bass to Key West tarpon and beyond!
Capt. Eliot Jenkins of Greasy Beaks Flyfishing and Capt. Peter Yukins of Molly Jean Charters joined forces to melt down footage collected from salty adventures on the North Shore of MA. Whats left is a short movie beautifully edited by Carter Davidson of GGP to the music of Secret Chiefs 3. Enjoy!”


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