Seele Introduces Fiberglass Switch & Spey Rods

Seale Fiberglass Spey Rod

From Seale:
Zeitlos Glass Switch & Spey

With these rods, we believe we have reached the holy grail of glass switch & spey rods. No past or present glass rods are in the same league!

Less effort in the cast combined with an appropriate casting flow will give you the most out of these rods.
These rods feel nothing like what you would imagine when you hear about a glass switch or a glass double-hander over 12′ long. They feel light, and applying smooth control, you won’t believe how fast and how powerful they are!

The 10’7″ 8wt. 4 piece switch (scandi 350-380grain / skagit 410-440grain) is designed for single and double hand use no matter if you want to swing flies, strip streamers or using nymph rigs. In addition this rod makes a great beach rod for stripers and blues where you don’t have to worry about the size of the fish!

Our glass double hand rods come in 12’7″ 6wt. (scandi 350 grain / skagit 410grain) and 12’7″ 8wt. (scandi 480grain / skagit 480-540grain) They are designed for swinging flies in medium-sized and big rivers for trout, steelhead and salmon.
Five pieces for an easy to pack-and-go spey rod. We have done our part and now the enjoyment is up to you.

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