Five Reasons to Check out the Newest Issue of Fin Chasers

Fin Chasers

Fin Chasers has dropped issue #3 of 2014, and the newest issue has a great deal to be excited about. Here are our five reasons to check it out:

1. Reisa Atlantic salmon
-Norway offers opportunities for enormous Atlantic salmon on remote rivers. This is captured magnificently in both photos and written word.

2. San River trout in Poland
-The Venturing Angler always digs new spots. Time for some old waters to get some new love.

3. Triggerfish
-The Nubian Flats are referred to as Mars, and maybe triggerfish are Martians. Regardless of the truth of that statement, they are indeed cool saltwater fish with some fight.

4. New Caledonia and new critters
-You may be asking, where is this and what is that? Beaucoup bonefish and giant trevally action as well as perhaps new salty critters grace this exciting piece.

5. This mother is 228 pages!
-That’s a lot of candy!

To check out the new issue of Fin Chasers, please click here.

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