Five Reasons to Check Out the Fall 2014 Issue of Revive Fly Fishing Magazine

Revive Fly Fishing

Revive Fly Fishing has released their Fall 2014 issue of the e-zine, and the issue is attractive for a number of reasons. Here are our top five (out of many) reasons for checking it out:

1. The photos of Matt Guymon in his piece on native trout
-It is always nice when a photographer takes on a perspective other than the standard grip and grin. These images focus on the aspects of trout that are often not the focus of the photographer – and they are beautiful.

2. The art of Zane Porter
-This might be the Renaissance of fly fishing art, and new artists are emerging like a Black Canyon salmonfly. Porter’s artwork is refreshingly unique and delivers both an edge and a spirit of action that drives us all to fly fishing.

3. An article on “Missed Connections” in the salt
-In the salt, trips are made and broken with the timing of tides, weather, and more. What remains when all goes wrong is still often extraordinary. These words and images capture that.

4. Nevada
-Remember that last article you read on Nevada? Neither do we! This often overlooked state has gorgeous mountains, solitude that cannot be readily found in most states, and excellent trout fishing. Nice nod to Nevada.

5. L.A. Carp on the fly
-The Venturing Angler is all about fly fishing destinations, but in the spirit of where to go next, we often overlook homewaters at the expense of missing gold. This is a different type of California gold rush. (Very different.)

To check out the new issue of Revive, please click here.

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